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We Are Animals

We are all a part of a number of systems, including our communities, family, cultures and sub-cultures. Another system that every one of us is a part of is the ecosystem, where, as animals, we are part of the living world.

In Ecotherapy, we look at our connection with and disconnection from the rest of nature. We ask how this disconnection might be affecting our mental, or emotional wellbeing. We also look at how our relationship with nature can offer us insight and coping tools for our own balance. 

Ecotherapy is about relationships and systems, and can be both part of in-office therapy or even telehealth, or can take place outdoors.

In my practice Ecotherapy comes into our sessions as it makes sense for each individual client.

I have Ecotherapy groups, workshops and retreats. Please visit the Group Therapy page to learn about current group offering.

You can also contact me to inquire about bringing an Ecotherapy workshop or retreat to your school, office, or community space.

EcoTherapy: Services
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